sleep well?

getting cold in japan. how about your country?
my two girls come to my bed every night recently! !
this is my big enjoyment in autumn and winter^^

but i have one problem.....onz

sleeping together is so nice, but they get in to my bed at early early morning (4 or 5 am) !
and they don't come together. BYAKU come first, after half or an hour, HAKU does.
AND they couldn't get in themselfs, i don't know why. so they scratch my pillow two times for make me open the bedclothes. (i'm sure they think the quilt in our house is self-moving, two scratch!!)
AND they don't get in clear area soon after open...>_< style="color: rgb(255, 204, 102);"> so i have to wake up 2 times before my hour of rising!

BYAKU: you are happy, aren't you mommy?
because we are so happy!


2 years ago

hi, there!

it past almost 1 month half from my last post.
i was so busy.

however 14th oct was special day for us, i thought i have to write new post.

it was the 2nd years anniversary since HAKU and BYAKU came to our home!
BABY HAKU and BYAKU were sooooooo cute.

ups! ofcouse, present them are. but they met us first time were ultra super pretty!!

i found a interesting picture when i was tidy up pic-date about cats.

they are sleeping together, happily. ^_^ just two years ago, our 1st day.

past time, grew up, changed their looks to lady from baby ...but their nice relationship is no change!

one more pic

HAKU had the lower jaw injury at firs time, put on the caller at animal hospital.
she is like a another animal.

"i am strong lion! miROARRRRRRew!!!"



now, the most popular topics in japan are the substance abuse in the show business and the election of the house of representatives. today is polling day, and my husband and i voted an my city hall.

we are watching the expectation of the poll on tv, may be....the democratic party of japan will win, defeat for present government party (the liberal democratic party) , will change the president of this country again at no distant date. the present president ASO will change to new president HATOYAMA.

well, in japan there is the traditional doll "DARUMA", not drawing one eye on his face (blank). and we draw the new eye on the blank part when win on the election, game, examination, somethings.

this is that DARUMA doll.

and this is the HAKU- DARUMA ;)
i think she is so cute but she looks dislikes wearing her cloths...
please let me have the good news, HAKU♪



thank you for your answers!
was it easy??

this is HAKU. short, thick tail. sometime she answer using her tail instead of mewing.

and this is BYAKU. long, thin tail. she answer to dad calling only. i want to ask her why does not she respond to mom, if i can speak cat language.

both tail are hooked type. it is called "happy key tail (the tail like a key shape, can open the door to happy)" in japan.

BYAKU: did you do correct answer?? ;)


the difference of two

they are born at same day and a double.
my friends visit to my house first time can not differentiates HAKU and BYAKU.

well, what is a easy way of distinguishing between both?

my husband and i can tell with their face (especially eyes) and mewing!
and their physique are little bit different but thie weight are almost same. BYAKU is like a ballerina type (slender but has enough muscles), HAKU is like a basketball player type (have broad shoulders) if they are human.

but most big difference is .....their butt!

which tail is HAKU and BYAKU?? ;)


his name is 1st GUNDAM!!

GUNDAM is one of the most famous animation in japan. the big robot operated good human fight against another machine handled bad people.... may be that story. every boys liked him, and used to have a plastic toy-model kit. of course my husband did!!
these boys grew up, and finally, made a LIFE-SIZE GUNDAM in Odaiba in Tokyo. this event is for KEEPING GREEN (a tree-planting campaign?).

this is his back. his tall is 18 mater.
and front...

he can move (but arm only) and breathe out smoke!! and his eyes glares like a laser beam!! there are many many people to see this robot, and the almost of all visitor are grow up man like my husband. old children took a picture with their single lens reflex camera.

we went back to home...HAKU sent a laser beam!!



BYAKU: mum! play with a string!!

HY: later, BYAKU. your mum is doing homework.

BYAKU: mum is busy...i'm despondent over.

she got tired of waiting for me, and sleeped ;)
sorry, BYAKU. i will play with you after you wake up.


diamond ring

today, 22 july, we could see a total solar eclipse in japan!
it was day time, 11:00 am. every fellow worker saw that at outside seriously, took a picture with cellphone, neglected to work!! me? of course i did (forgot my work)! we saw shining thin line with naked eye. my eyes are stinging from the sun light. this is the picture taken by professional photographer in Kagoshima. do you know that's called diamond ring? it is romantic!



today is TANABATA day (the star festival) in japan, special romantic day like a saint valentine's day, vega and altair can meet once a year.

for HAKU and BYAKU, me and my husband, it is usual. nothing special. we ate supper, watched TV, plaied TV game (husband only) , done blog ( me only) , groomed hair ( cats only) as usual.

but i took a picture of TANAKAZARI (the bumboo decoration with oblong color ful card).
did you make a wish? ;)


i miss..

japan is in the middle of rainy season except for OKINAWA located in the south end of this country. i don't like this season and summer!
cause' i have to take care of sunburn, sweat, etc.

but my most impotant reason is ......
HAKU and BYAKU don't come closer to me!!
i think they feel hot. i'm really sad and miss their warm and fluffy hair! summer cat are too blunt with family. they run away if i hold them....onz
this picture is byaku lying on the cool place ( she know a nice and cool spot in this house).
i miss cool and cold season!! in winter they always are my side, and close, sleep with me.

so, i set my room temperature at "20℃ (68°F)".


book shelf

this is our book shelf.
these books displaied are not difficult literatures, references of translattion....yes, actually almost of all them are comics, manga.

many japanese like manga. children, mother, father, young student, office worker, and the top of this country's government (it is the famous he loves manga)!! and of course we do.

i heard this shelf can has 700 books....not enough!
should we have another one? but we are planning to move at end of this year. i don't want to have big shelf befor moving.
hmm...that's big problem.


good girls

in this morning, my good girls saw me off when i was getting ready of my work.

they looks sleepy......zzzzzzzzzzzz

my husband are putting his closes and sleeping in the bed.
"hello~~!! your wife will go to work!!!"


sleep together ;)

we are always together;)
at lunch time, plaing with mouse toy, watching a fling bird by the window, sticking our hairs to mam's black close...

of course, at sleeping..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
please keep quiet while we are in dreem ;) we are having big SASHIMI.....



it pasted 1 month from last post. oh.... i'm lazy.
my cats and our life had nothing special, but sometimes they have some changes!

1. changing their hair to for summer
they spread out many many many white hairs in our rooms! that stick to my face when i lie down on my bed!!!

2.changing the sleeping form to strange and difficult.
my husband always says "hey, girls! you should not open your legs like that!!!" he doesn't care about my legs open, but worry cats do.

in japan, getting warm recently and coming rainy season. i'm in the blues...
how about your country??



in this home, my dad usually does laundry. thai is his work, cooking and cleaning room are mom's.
this sunny day, unusually, she was washing their clothes at porch, opening the window to there. so i went to adventure!!

i had been wanted to lie there down and sunburn!!

what's this??? you killed plant off again, mom....

i was back room after sun bath.... i was washed!!


byaku got involved...



i saw RED CLIFF Ⅰon TV today. did you see that?? so amazed at that magnificence of scale and beauty!! it was so fantastic!
almost japanese don't know amply about old war between 3 countries , but may be have informations that war name, character's name. so am i.
chinese SANGOKUSHI story is very famous in this country, and has many many big fan.
jincheng wu( his japanese name is TAKESHI KANESHIRO) as KOUMEI was so cool! i became his fan. and women appearing as heroine were beautiful!
i don't like war movies, 'couse some fighting scenes had cruel representation, and incomprehensible, but this movie was worth seeing!!

now, RED CLIFF Ⅱ is showing at movie theater in japan. i want to see it. why don't you see that if you yet.



i found a new food stand when i was shopping an my favorite shopping mall.

it is the 大判焼き(OBANYAKI)!

i had wanted to eat this cake since couldn't have it at OHANAMI, so i got two! this cake is like pie, several filling covered with sponge cake. 餡子(ANKO; sweet adzuki bean paste) is orthodox, but there are many tastes of filling, custard, chocolate, ham and mayonnaise, etc..

this is sweet adzuki beans taste.

and this is sweet potato taste.

anyway, these sweets match green tea, i think.

that's my today's snack.
i just had known that yam is said the sweet potato in english, the sweet potato means the sweet potato cake in japanese. wao!



i'm learning english by myself as i said befor, and especially, have big interest about translation (english into japanes).there is a association "amelia"( that is a group of translator and learner-translation), and i am a member of that.
tonight, i send a open subject to them. it has several short sentences, the title was "Bacchanalian bliss under the blossoms of spring", said that the relationship between japanese drinker and HANAMI!! :) so fan.

i want to be the translator if i can. but i already 31 yrs old. sigh...

anyway, i had done one of my do-list on this week! i asked HAKU does she support me, she said "maybe...! but you shoud play with me more!!".



my husband and i have several home rules of foods.

1. if i want to eat sushi, i have to prepare another dishes for him. (because he does't like sushi since he got food poisoning by raw fish) 2. i can eat sushi once a month. (because he hate to see raw fish since......) 3. we can eat pizza once a month. ('cause he loves pizza, but me, not so much) 4. pizza day is on monday or thursday.(tuesday and friday are bubbish day, pizza case made of corrugated paper is big)

then ...today is sushi day!!

i can't made sushi, so i went to get it at market for this day. and i broiled mackerel for my husband.
when i had start to eat, i felt strong eyes..

haku, you shoud have pet food.

SAKURA and cats

getting warm in japan. there are many many cherry blossom trees around here Saitama prefecture, and those petals are falling all at once.

"for the beauty of falling petals, it is the cherry; for the fragrance, the plum." it is a famous saying.

i think that's the true. the sight many light pink petals are flitting and falling touched me.

i reported my girls how beautiful the shower of pink blossom, they said that...."the cherry blossom?? is that yummy?"

hmm...it is too hard to understand aesthetics of falling for you two.

ok. i give you dry food (tuna taste).


let me introduce my cats

i'm so happy for your comments about my cats.
today, i introduce my two girls. their name is HAKU and BYAKU, both meaning "白(white)" in Japanese/Chinese character.

our first met was almost 2 years ago, i found them on website of pet adoption. there was one good-looking white cat. so my husband and i went to see that girl.
actually we were going to have one cat at first. but when we met her, she was sleeping well with another white cat (her same age sister) . we took two back home finally, coudn't make them live different place.

now, they are my very important family. HAKU and BYAKU are so close. they always together.
i think our resolution to take both was correct!



now, it is OHANAMI season in Japan.
my husband and i went to YOZAKURA tonight. i don’t know OHANAMI or YOZAKURA word in English, so i checked by dictionary….’the cherry blossom viewing (at night) ’.. really?? is that true? never mind.

i think it is the best way to see the cherry blossom, at night.
it’s beautiful a contrast between black and light pink.
Japan, there are many stand of food and toy side of a strand of cherry blossom. but today is monday, the stand were closed. i wanted to eat TAKOYAKI!!!

we will try this weekend. i can't finish this season without eating that!

introduce myself :)


i'm HY, 31 japanese woman, learning English by myself.
living in Saitama pref. nex to Tokyo.

i decided to write my diary in English without Japanese, 'cause i wanna increase my vocab and get accustomed to write.
you may see strange grammar or word in this diary.
it cannot be helped now. i'm learner of foreign language.
PLEASE dealing with me with warmed heart.