BYAKU: mum! play with a string!!

HY: later, BYAKU. your mum is doing homework.

BYAKU: mum is busy...i'm despondent over.

she got tired of waiting for me, and sleeped ;)
sorry, BYAKU. i will play with you after you wake up.


diamond ring

today, 22 july, we could see a total solar eclipse in japan!
it was day time, 11:00 am. every fellow worker saw that at outside seriously, took a picture with cellphone, neglected to work!! me? of course i did (forgot my work)! we saw shining thin line with naked eye. my eyes are stinging from the sun light. this is the picture taken by professional photographer in Kagoshima. do you know that's called diamond ring? it is romantic!



today is TANABATA day (the star festival) in japan, special romantic day like a saint valentine's day, vega and altair can meet once a year.

for HAKU and BYAKU, me and my husband, it is usual. nothing special. we ate supper, watched TV, plaied TV game (husband only) , done blog ( me only) , groomed hair ( cats only) as usual.

but i took a picture of TANAKAZARI (the bumboo decoration with oblong color ful card).
did you make a wish? ;)