2 years ago

hi, there!

it past almost 1 month half from my last post.
i was so busy.

however 14th oct was special day for us, i thought i have to write new post.

it was the 2nd years anniversary since HAKU and BYAKU came to our home!
BABY HAKU and BYAKU were sooooooo cute.

ups! ofcouse, present them are. but they met us first time were ultra super pretty!!

i found a interesting picture when i was tidy up pic-date about cats.

they are sleeping together, happily. ^_^ just two years ago, our 1st day.

past time, grew up, changed their looks to lady from baby ...but their nice relationship is no change!

one more pic

HAKU had the lower jaw injury at firs time, put on the caller at animal hospital.
she is like a another animal.

"i am strong lion! miROARRRRRRew!!!"