i miss..

japan is in the middle of rainy season except for OKINAWA located in the south end of this country. i don't like this season and summer!
cause' i have to take care of sunburn, sweat, etc.

but my most impotant reason is ......
HAKU and BYAKU don't come closer to me!!
i think they feel hot. i'm really sad and miss their warm and fluffy hair! summer cat are too blunt with family. they run away if i hold them....onz
this picture is byaku lying on the cool place ( she know a nice and cool spot in this house).
i miss cool and cold season!! in winter they always are my side, and close, sleep with me.

so, i set my room temperature at "20℃ (68°F)".


book shelf

this is our book shelf.
these books displaied are not difficult literatures, references of translattion....yes, actually almost of all them are comics, manga.

many japanese like manga. children, mother, father, young student, office worker, and the top of this country's government (it is the famous he loves manga)!! and of course we do.

i heard this shelf can has 700 books....not enough!
should we have another one? but we are planning to move at end of this year. i don't want to have big shelf befor moving.
hmm...that's big problem.


good girls

in this morning, my good girls saw me off when i was getting ready of my work.

they looks sleepy......zzzzzzzzzzzz

my husband are putting his closes and sleeping in the bed.
"hello~~!! your wife will go to work!!!"


sleep together ;)

we are always together;)
at lunch time, plaing with mouse toy, watching a fling bird by the window, sticking our hairs to mam's black close...

of course, at sleeping..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
please keep quiet while we are in dreem ;) we are having big SASHIMI.....