i miss..

japan is in the middle of rainy season except for OKINAWA located in the south end of this country. i don't like this season and summer!
cause' i have to take care of sunburn, sweat, etc.

but my most impotant reason is ......
HAKU and BYAKU don't come closer to me!!
i think they feel hot. i'm really sad and miss their warm and fluffy hair! summer cat are too blunt with family. they run away if i hold them....onz
this picture is byaku lying on the cool place ( she know a nice and cool spot in this house).
i miss cool and cold season!! in winter they always are my side, and close, sleep with me.

so, i set my room temperature at "20℃ (68°F)".


  1. Hi! Your cats are adorable. Why did you name them Haku and Byaku? ^-^

  2. We are having the hot season too. Yesterday it was 41.5 C outside, again.
    I am like you. I keep it cool inside so I can cuddle with my cats.
    I love your cats names. Byaku looks quite comfortable and very beautiful.

  3. hi, pauline! nice to see you!
    my girl's name HAKU and BYAKU means white in japanese. it is so easy, isn't it? ^_^

    hi, kari^_^
    it was 41.5℃?? wao!! you live in hot place. my brain will boilling if i am there!! @_@

  4. Hello Hy! Yes, we really cannot go outside much in the day or we really do boil. Cat are good company. A new white kitten from France has started a blog in English. Maybe the girls would like to see her.
    haricotblanc.blogspot.com. Tell the girls we say hello.

  5. It's 35°C here, and quite humid. My two cats spend their days dozing in cool corners... and regularly come out at chow time!!! :-D

  6. hi, Kari! i'll see kitten blog soon! my girls are looking worward to see french girl:)

    hello, ilaria.
    in japan, it is 32℃ today. i saw a pretty black cat in your blog. is she your girl? she is so beautiful!

  7. Yes, actually I have 2 black cats, male and female. Unfortunately, they don't like each other very much... :-(((

  8. You have very beautiful cats...Poppy Q just sent me to say Hello! Hope you have a nice weekend!
    Bruce the cat:)

  9. Hi HY

    HAKU and BYAKU are BEAUTY'S.
    So sweet white cats :)
    I send you many hugs
    Kareltje =^.^=
    from The Netherlands