book shelf

this is our book shelf.
these books displaied are not difficult literatures, references of translattion....yes, actually almost of all them are comics, manga.

many japanese like manga. children, mother, father, young student, office worker, and the top of this country's government (it is the famous he loves manga)!! and of course we do.

i heard this shelf can has 700 books....not enough!
should we have another one? but we are planning to move at end of this year. i don't want to have big shelf befor moving.
hmm...that's big problem.


  1. What a lot of books. We laughed when you said they were Manga, and not serious books. My mum has too many books too, and not enough shelves.

  2. I would love to have such a space for my books. My poor books are in plastic boxes.

  3. Hi, you have a lot of manga. You will move to a more big house?
    I want to have a house.. It is difficult to get a new house in Japan.

  4. yep.
    we are going to move gifu prefecture from saitama winter ;) i want to have a house too!! it is expencive here!!