today is TANABATA day (the star festival) in japan, special romantic day like a saint valentine's day, vega and altair can meet once a year.

for HAKU and BYAKU, me and my husband, it is usual. nothing special. we ate supper, watched TV, plaied TV game (husband only) , done blog ( me only) , groomed hair ( cats only) as usual.

but i took a picture of TANAKAZARI (the bumboo decoration with oblong color ful card).
did you make a wish? ;)


  1. What a lovely festival. We do not have it here but I saw on the internet
    making paper cranes. I know how to do that so I will make some now.
    So now you know the wish for my family.

  2. hi, Kari. i praied for my english study :)
    girls were ...may be about food. i can make their dream. i have to go to get some foods!