now, the most popular topics in japan are the substance abuse in the show business and the election of the house of representatives. today is polling day, and my husband and i voted an my city hall.

we are watching the expectation of the poll on tv, may be....the democratic party of japan will win, defeat for present government party (the liberal democratic party) , will change the president of this country again at no distant date. the present president ASO will change to new president HATOYAMA.

well, in japan there is the traditional doll "DARUMA", not drawing one eye on his face (blank). and we draw the new eye on the blank part when win on the election, game, examination, somethings.

this is that DARUMA doll.

and this is the HAKU- DARUMA ;)
i think she is so cute but she looks dislikes wearing her cloths...
please let me have the good news, HAKU♪


  1. We have a DARUMA doll in our home too =)
    But never draw the other eye =x
    And I loved Haku-DARUMA, is so cute!

  2. It looks like Mr. Hatoyama will be painting the second eye in his Daruma!

    You look very cute in your Daruma costume, HAKU!


  3. Wonderful dolls
    I love it :))))
    Special the last picture
    Soooooooo CUTE :))

    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. What kewl dolls! We especially love Haku-Daruma!

  5. Very cute...Haku-Daruma is adorable. I didn't know what a Daruma was until I visited japan last year. A beautiful country!

  6. We have Daruma in our house too. We have had him for quite some time but still with one eye.

    We love Haku-Daruma! She is so adorable and of very good nature to wear her costume.

  7. We love this Haku-Daruma she is so cute.The guys look a lot like me, Purrsss ,Wu Zetiãn