his name is 1st GUNDAM!!

GUNDAM is one of the most famous animation in japan. the big robot operated good human fight against another machine handled bad people.... may be that story. every boys liked him, and used to have a plastic toy-model kit. of course my husband did!!
these boys grew up, and finally, made a LIFE-SIZE GUNDAM in Odaiba in Tokyo. this event is for KEEPING GREEN (a tree-planting campaign?).

this is his back. his tall is 18 mater.
and front...

he can move (but arm only) and breathe out smoke!! and his eyes glares like a laser beam!! there are many many people to see this robot, and the almost of all visitor are grow up man like my husband. old children took a picture with their single lens reflex camera.

we went back to home...HAKU sent a laser beam!!


  1. Wow!!
    GUNDAM is very BIG BIG ;)
    Nice to read about his story !!!

    Haku I love your laser eyes,
    they are very special :)
    You are a BEAUTY ...
    I send you many hugs

    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. I remember Gundam! I grew up watching robot anime, which were very popular in Italy back in the 1980s. Thank you for this trip down memory lane!!! ;-)

  3. Wow that is one big robot..

    I love the lazer eyes..

    Hugs GJ xx

  4. Wow! This robot is amazing =)
    I think Haku wanted to show his laser eyes to be like a robot ^^

  5. How cool is Gundam! And for a good cause too.
    We are loving Haku's laser beam. What a beauty.

  6. Omigosh! I used to love Gundam. Haha.
    And you may need to look out, Haku is charged and ready to fire!