SAKURA and cats

getting warm in japan. there are many many cherry blossom trees around here Saitama prefecture, and those petals are falling all at once.

"for the beauty of falling petals, it is the cherry; for the fragrance, the plum." it is a famous saying.

i think that's the true. the sight many light pink petals are flitting and falling touched me.

i reported my girls how beautiful the shower of pink blossom, they said that...."the cherry blossom?? is that yummy?"

hmm...it is too hard to understand aesthetics of falling for you two.

ok. i give you dry food (tuna taste).


  1. We have seen some beautiful picture of Japanese Cherry Blossoms - I don't think they will be tasty for us cats though.

  2. hi, poppy Q!
    did you try it?? please tell my girls that is bad taste! :)