i'm learning english by myself as i said befor, and especially, have big interest about translation (english into japanes).there is a association "amelia"( that is a group of translator and learner-translation), and i am a member of that.
tonight, i send a open subject to them. it has several short sentences, the title was "Bacchanalian bliss under the blossoms of spring", said that the relationship between japanese drinker and HANAMI!! :) so fan.

i want to be the translator if i can. but i already 31 yrs old. sigh...

anyway, i had done one of my do-list on this week! i asked HAKU does she support me, she said "maybe...! but you shoud play with me more!!".


  1. I wouldn't really worry about age. I started translating at 27, and I know there are translators who started much later in their lives. Some formal training may be of help, of course, though I think "informal" training (e.g. getting as much practical information as possible about the profession) is invaluable (and seldom taught at school). You'll need to have an excellent understanding of both source language and culture, but unless you're also training as an interpreter, spoken fluency is not essential (for instance, my spoken French is a bit rusty, but I can fluently read books and newspapers, as well as following movies). Finally, a perfect command of your target language (generally speaking, your mother tongue) is crucial.
    Translating is in my view a very pleasant adventure, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too! :)

  2. はじめまして、HY! お元気ですか?

    I think you are doing a wonderful job with your English!

    I'm an American college student and am taking Japanese, so I understand how hard it is to learn a language, and I'm very impressed that you've learned so much. ^_^