my husband and i have several home rules of foods.

1. if i want to eat sushi, i have to prepare another dishes for him. (because he does't like sushi since he got food poisoning by raw fish) 2. i can eat sushi once a month. (because he hate to see raw fish since......) 3. we can eat pizza once a month. ('cause he loves pizza, but me, not so much) 4. pizza day is on monday or thursday.(tuesday and friday are bubbish day, pizza case made of corrugated paper is big)

then ...today is sushi day!!

i can't made sushi, so i went to get it at market for this day. and i broiled mackerel for my husband.
when i had start to eat, i felt strong eyes..

haku, you shoud have pet food.


  1. Yum my mum loves Sushi, and she eats it about once a week.

    She also loves gyoza dumplings - yummy!!

    Me, I don't eat any people food - cat food only.

  2. you are good girl,Poppy Q!
    we sometime get people foods while my mum watches TV!!

    HAKU :)