let me introduce my cats

i'm so happy for your comments about my cats.
today, i introduce my two girls. their name is HAKU and BYAKU, both meaning "白(white)" in Japanese/Chinese character.

our first met was almost 2 years ago, i found them on website of pet adoption. there was one good-looking white cat. so my husband and i went to see that girl.
actually we were going to have one cat at first. but when we met her, she was sleeping well with another white cat (her same age sister) . we took two back home finally, coudn't make them live different place.

now, they are my very important family. HAKU and BYAKU are so close. they always together.
i think our resolution to take both was correct!


  1. Hello Haku and Byaku-it's a please to meet you! My name is Noir and live in Dallas, Texas. When you have a moment come over to my blog and say 'hello'. Very pretty you both are!

  2. Haku and Byaku are both gorgeous, and it was very nice of you to adopt both sisters together.

    We hope you enjoy your cat blogging adventures.